September 29, 2017

Home Stay vs. Hotel Stay

What’s the better accommodation option?

When you are considering sending your child overseas for further education, there are always the concerns about where your child will live. Dedicated student housing and home-stay are always excellent options for a long term stay, such as if your child is visiting for a semester, a year, or a few years.

However, we’ve discovered that home-stay is not the perfect solution when touring as a group for a few days or weeks. Depending on the family the student stays with determines the level of cultural immersion, inclusive activities, and the adjustment to food and cultural differences. Being unable to share experiences with peers, some students find the home-stay experience lonely and non-supportive. In these cases, home-stay can lead to home sickness and an overall negative learning experience.

Travelling as a group, as with Study Tours Brisbane, has the benefit of keeping the students housed in the same location, so that they can share many of the experiences together. This arrangement encourages group learning, allowing the students to grow in confidence and develop team building skills. Navigating their experiences with dedicated support teams and nurturing carers, they can truly become immersed in the learning throughout their schedule, discussing and collaborating on the new opportunities shared together. Team building activities are the foundation of their experiences, providing them with the ability to return with confidence to a new city later in life because their connection and familiarity are developed as a group, equally, without any feelings of insularity.

For these reasons, we have developed our Study Tour Programmes to be comprised of interactive activities from early morning until bed time. Together, our groups learn to navigate the cultural differences as a team. We support and look after each other as we discover new and interesting locations and activities. The sharing and consequent discussions with peers cement traits of confidence and understanding in every student. Of course, we include activities that involve interaction with local students and visits to local homes, but this is achieved as a group, without the individual having to cope on their own. We have learnt that students gain more knowledge and understanding through fun, educational immersion with diverse activities that cover many life skills, such as STEM and English language studies along with other learning practices. Fun through sports and fitness, arts, crafts, and creative activities all provide a solid foundation of diverse experiences, so that the consideration of future overseas study can be made without fear of coping in a new environment.

Therefore, our belief is that short educational study tours are most successful when students are feeling safe, happy, and immerse in an all-inclusive environment, which is why we accommodate our groups all together in a hotel stay configuration, rather than a home-stay setup.

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