September 7, 2018

Study Tours for Domestic Australian Students

In line with our recent TARDIS Approach tour offer, we recognise the need for Australian students to also experience the difference between life, education, and business in the city as opposed to the country or rural communities in which many are raised. Brisbane remains the perfect hub from which to coordinate and undertake these kinds of insightful and educational tour experiences, and as such, we’ve developed a number of unique tour programmes aimed at domestic Australian students:

#1 – STB Itinerary for Domestic Australian Students – General Knowledge and Local Experiences (PDF 389kB).

#2 – STB Itinerary for Domestic Australian Students – Primary and Secondary School Education (PDF 388kB).

#3 – STB Itinerary for Domestic Australian Students – Vocational Training and Career Exposure (PDF 388kB).

As always, the above tour programmes are examples that are completely customisable. We welcome you discussing with us what works best for your group, and we’ll endeavour to deliver an experience to exceed your expectations. If you’re interested in learning more about our domestic tour offers or would like to request a specialised programme based on the above, please don’t hesitate to contact

One Comment on “Study Tours for Domestic Australian Students

Sylvia Pandora
October 13, 2018 at 12:14 pm

Good night Sir / Madam

I am an Immigration Agent based in Port Moresby and I run an SME business. I would like to initiate a partnership with your organisation. Would you be interested if we can arrange for Papua New Guinea students to attain a better pespective of Australia as part of an education excursion. This would help our local students to attain a broader understanding and give them an international experience and exposure to a different culture.


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