September 22, 2016

Travel Stat Snapshot: From China to Queensland


It’s no secret that the number of Chinese tourists coming to Australia has been on the incline over recent years, and statistics from Tourism Australia have made this fact loud and clear for everyone in the travel industry. Here’s an interesting look at some of the specifics of the Chinese market demographic, in particular looking at individuals who have travelled from China to Queensland for holidaying purposes.


A lot can be drawn from the statistics presented in the infographic and even more from source data, which is especially relevant to the interests of travel organisers.

Here are some of our takeaways, which may be of use to fellow group travel organisers:

Know Your Traveller

When it comes to planning activities for travel groups, a great deal of attention to detail is required to ensure the needs of the individuals in the group are being met. From these statistics, we can see that the majority of Chinese vacationers in Queensland are middle to senior aged females. Based on this, throwing together an itinerary that features the Australian theme parks on the Gold Coast with their thrill-seeker rides and fast-paced action may not be the most appealing suggestion, even though they are generally considered iconic tourist spots.

Always Plan Ahead

Of course it’s important to keep the options open and actually communicate with the group to find out what they would like to do; don’t scratch anything of the list pre-emptively. However, before you reach the first stage of communication it pays to plan ahead. Performing some preliminary research on activities and attractions that might appeal to Chinese middle-aged women, and having that ready to offer up when they first enquire, is a smart move.

Dig Deeper

This snapshot of stats and the more detailed data from Tourism Queensland provides us all with some useful and interesting information, but these statistics open a whole new range of questions that we intend to investigate.

  • Activity wise, what are these vacationers currently doing in this 4.4 day timeframe?
  • How satisfied are they with their trips?
  • Are they doing other things while on holiday, such as visiting family and friends?
  • How does the Chinese demographic compare to other visiting demographics?
  • What kind of attractions appeal to the different age brackets of visitors?

We could go on, but the general takeaway here is to keep on learning and adapting to the demographical trends as the number of Chinese coming to Australia increases.

Here’s hoping the above has helped you to better grasp the Chinese vacationer trends in Queensland, which are largely reflective of the China market across most of Australia. Keep your eyes peeled as we continue to update our Study Tours Brisbane blog with future posts. 🙂

We make it our business to engage with, understand, and know all about our travellers before they disembark on their group adventures. If you’d like us to help with the organisation and coordination of your next group tour to Brisbane, Australia, you can enquire today to get a free quote specifically catered to your needs.

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