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The Importance of Learning Considerations

When constructing our quotes, we not only take into account budget and relevant activities, but aim to present the quote and itinerary information in such a way that is addresses the interests of those securing the tour. For example, the parents of many students rightly require assurance that the activities and excursions undertaken by their […]

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The Future of Education

steam learning

A very interesting read and a great reminder of why S.T.E.A.M workshops and activities are crucial in developing the current generation of students; our future industry professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders!

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S.T.E.A.M. Workshops and Entrepreneurial Thinking

Keeping Our Student Groups Engaged We have been asked many times in the past what makes our Study Tours different from the rest. There are many factors, but for now focusing on just educational programmes for schools and university students, a brief outline of our engagement strategies may assist in understanding some of these differences. […]

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