February 27, 2018

The Importance of Learning Considerations

When constructing our quotes, we not only take into account budget and relevant activities, but aim to present the quote and itinerary information in such a way that is addresses the interests of those securing the tour. For example, the parents of many students rightly require assurance that the activities and excursions undertaken by their children check all the necessary boxes. What those necessary boxes are varies from group to group, but one way in which we achieve this can be seen in the PDF Itinerary downloadable here (screenshot below). This is an example of a previous Study Tour quote offered to one of our clients. As can be seen, the activities offered cover a massive range of relevant industry interests, and wherever possible we implement them in such a way to additionally emphasise Australian cultural immersion. While the students themselves may not find such a breakdown immediately interesting, we’ve found this method to be an essential asset in the eyes of their parents, or indeed, their school teachers, principals, or agents. Providing such a detailed document gives any viewers a good basis of understanding regarding the offerings, which allows them to then further enquire about specific points that may have piqued their interest. Many times, this kind of pre-assessment of the tour is what cinches the deal for our interested groups as it establishes trust, based on factual outcomes, for our clients and group organisers.

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