Group Travel

The Tardis Approach

Study Tours Brisbane is proud to present what we’re calling “The Tardis Approach”. Rest assured, the offering here trumps the pop-culture reference, as we work with our suppliers and partners in the industry to provide both international students and rural Australian students the chance to glimpse into their future. Undertaking a number of “sampler” courses […]

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The Importance of Learning Considerations

When constructing our quotes, we not only take into account budget and relevant activities, but aim to present the quote and itinerary information in such a way that is addresses the interests of those securing the tour. For example, the parents of many students rightly require assurance that the activities and excursions undertaken by their […]

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S.T.E.A.M. Workshops and Entrepreneurial Thinking

Keeping Our Student Groups Engaged We have been asked many times in the past what makes our Study Tours different from the rest. There are many factors, but for now focusing on just educational programmes for schools and university students, a brief outline of our engagement strategies may assist in understanding some of these differences. […]

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Home Stay vs. Hotel Stay

What’s the better accommodation option? When you are considering sending your child overseas for further education, there are always the concerns about where your child will live. Dedicated student housing and home-stay are always excellent options for a long term stay, such as if your child is visiting for a semester, a year, or a […]

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Lord Mayor of Brisbane Graham Quirk at Study Tours Brisbane

study tours brisbane breakfast

The Lord Mayor of Brisbane Graham Quirk was kind enough to honour us with his presence and support at our Study Tours Brisbane informational breakfast seminar last Friday. Many thanks to those who could attend – we all gained some fantastic face to face interaction and discussion with each other. As the demand for meaningful […]

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Travel Stat Snapshot: From China to Queensland


It’s no secret that the number of Chinese tourists coming to Australia has been on the incline over recent years, and statistics from Tourism Australia have made this fact loud and clear for everyone in the travel industry. Here’s an interesting look at some of the specifics of the Chinese market demographic, in particular looking […]

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“Yep, done!” – Icing the Cake on Group Travel

aussie cake

A Checklist for Conscientious Group Travel Planners As Australia continues to receive an increasing number of international visitors each year, the demand for high quality group tours matches pace. In the 3 years between March 2013 and March 2016, the number of people visiting Queensland for holiday purposes has increased by approximately 22%, and these numbers […]

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